Is Your Dream to Grow Flowers?

Are you ready for a complete step by step program to get your flower farming business up and growing?

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Can you relate?

I'm trying, but the first couple of seasons aren't going the way I thought...

You can grow flowers but don't know how to sell them?  

Courses are so expensive and I know some of the material already?

Don't have time on top of my 9-5 or family to research everything?

How do I avoid mistakes I don't even know I am making till it's too late? 

Feel all alone in the pursuit of your flower dream? 

Our mentor based program will eliminate the guesswork, overwhelm and frustration of getting your flower business up and growing. 


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You have the potential to be great in the flower business

If you're trying to make an income growing flowers whether it's your main income or just to supplement your family, we will take the pain and frustration out of the most important years of your business and put you on the track to success.

We are committed to providing you the content and resources necessary to reach your dream.
This isn't a traditional course. It's a step by step 12 month mentoring program. We will be right there with you, pointing you in the right direction, and sharing the best practices of flower growing and how to make that income.
If you are at the stage where you want to jump into flowers, or you have one or two seasons under your belt and want a cost effective way to understand this business, this membership is right for you.
We are all-in on catapulting your dream to the next level.

Hi, we are Heidi and Kevin, and we want you to fulfill your potential—we want to help you every step of the way.


Been there, done that

Heidi and Kevin have been growing and selling flowers for ten years now. We are proud Canadians and very familiar with growing in colder climates.  And our life before flowers was in sales and business development so we are uniquely qualified to show you the ropes.

Mentoring, not a traditional course

We could have written a course but we know that to be successful in the flower game you need someone to explain things as they relate to you, and how you want to do things. It's like having a business partner who already knows what to do.

Our unique approach

Instead of big, up front money and not knowing what you're going to learn, we offer a monthly subscription plan with ongoing instruction.  We cover material in real time, when it's important to know, so you can implement right away, all year long.

An intimate learning environment 

You'll feel like you have a front row seat every week all year long.  You can ask questions anytime. We have created a community for new farmers and for those who want to become farmers. We have even created our own social group site for members only so you can learn and connect with others like you.

I need this, send me the info

what do we do for a whole year?

what you get

52 weeks of patient instruction on building your brand and business in your market. Detailed growing instruction from a seasoned grower. We are experts in growing in zone 6 or colder. And on the social side you have membership in our newly created the flower farmer entrepreneur on-line community. 

weekly sessions

You will receive focused weekly workbooks that are easy to digest. Each week builds on the last to create a road map, or "playbook" for your field and business. We review these workbooks during a bi-weekly webinar or conference focused on best practices for your business and flowers.

the result

Twelve months of attentive instruction on your business and  on farming cut flowers. You will learn the "what and why's" to grow your brand and business giving you the confidence you need to successfully grow all kinds of flowers and start earning an income. And so much more!


help when you need help

This decision is easy. You get personalized training from two people who have been living the life for ten years. One week of business training and then one week of flower instruction for a full twelve months. Apply now for membership as space is limited.

Welcome to Edgebrook Farm!

A little bit about who runs the joint.

After six years of growing on a small 1/4 acre urban lot Heidi and Kevin Roulston followed their flower farming dream and bought Edgebrook Farm just outside Cookstown, Ontario. The last four seasons we have scaled to 3 acres of cut flower production, with over 3500 dahlias, and about 24 other varieties of flowers in dozens of colours.  

Both of us came from corporate sales and marketing careers and have extensive experience in brand and business development. A unique combination for farming, for sure. 

We operate Stems Flower Farm and Edgebrook Farm Curated Seed Company.  We wouldn't trade our decision to move to rural paradise for anything, we love living on our small farm with our four kids aged 11 to 5. 


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